Friday, 10 September 2010

20 NEWS-G - Episode Minus 1 - The Cow Before The Storm

The leave felled on yesterday violently as the yard was questioned by nine bleeding probes and an heart conclusion - not a heart attack...
London's Boris demanded 'a fast and last manslaughter.'
A spokesperson states: “Police police police” as Nazi-Church-Storm-Farmers go fresh over anti-capitalist milk riot... the soft violent squats Blitzkrieg the milk and France's Muslim Cop milks G20 Plans in Cairo...
Night prices spread Night Riots among Knights of The Round Londoninium... The last and fresh cop on the scene said:
“Johnson died a sick, sick Milk... I vomited out my lungs fast... then laughed.”
Later, mayhem trippers dragged “symbolic” wooden cart through piles of pelted Brighton brick... One bottle was arrested. Front Mob cowered from Manic Anarchist Cop as she erupted weeks after...
Used Maniacs today issued the following abuse:
“Polite police please police pleasingly... Period.”

World rage spread about some violent concerned “dream-it-out” panic. Mr. Facebook, the communication demand, claimed the young interference was the result of poor quality of quality, heavy quality text and poor quality government.
Mooicide Police are queuing up because doom-deaths are growing up by the hundreds... and they can just about walk.
Here's the weather:
The country's biggest snarled winter for travellers is simple... The main country conservatives have obtained figures in which they say: 'Britain has only eight days left... with light showers. Back to you, Dick'ring.

Thanks Flaps... Our Main Headlines again:

G20 heart World Cow Government x-x.

G20 panics at front milk Cop.

Facebook Police go maniac on Anarchist's Lung.

Soft, poor States hospitalised sick on the milk.

Johnson trips the night Londoninium.

Stay tuned for Danny Dyer Investigates: Illegal Albatross Fighting In Occupied Gaza.

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