Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Poem: Bored

I’m bored
I’m bored of being bored
I’m bored of being bored of being bored
I’m bored with being so bored
That all I can do is sit and reflect on how bored I am
I’m bored of the left
I’m bored of the right
I’m bored of being told that the only options are fight or flight
When the option that most people choose
Is simply being bored
I’m bored of working
I’m bored of staring at the abyss of my overdraft
I’m bored of it being someone’s birthday every fucking weekend
And not having the money to buy drinks
And it makes me feel like a cunt when someone offers to buy me drinks
On their own birthday
I’m bored of seeing the same people at every party
And having nothing to say
I’m bored of getting needy to all the new people I meet
Because I’m so pathetically desperate for something new
(and cheap)
And friendship apparently costs nothing
So it fits into my budget perfectly
I’m getting bored of me and everyone I know
Casually shagging, then dating
Then going out with each other, breaking up
And then going back to casually shagging to start the whole sorry predictable joke
All over again
I’m bored of debating
I’m bored of staying up too late
Pissing about on the Facebook for no reason
Other than to avoid doing something productive
I’m bored of teenagers being loud on the bus
And I’m sorry but sometimes I don’t give a shit about the social and economic conditions
That cause you to behave in such a way
Sometimes I just want you to shut the fuck up and turn your fucking mobile phone off
I’m bored of your face
I’m bored of this street
This town
This city
This country
This continent
This world
I’m so bored I could kill myself
But it’s so much fucking effort
I’m bored of this poem
I’m bored of my voice

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